About cinematography…

MyWayFilm International Photo-, and Cinematography Studio offers extraordinary wedding films, love stories, family portrait films, and Image, corporate films. Trend and Tradition. This is the principal that the Studio follows in every circumstances. The wedding film studio and its team creates  Hollywood quality and atmosphear on the screen but remains transparent on the event. This has key importance.

MyWayfilm Studio takes a completely different direction in producing wedding films or family portrait films. It is seperated from old-fashioned solutions and attitude. The Studio pursues energetic, modern and trendy ways while honoring and respecting the true values and traditions.

Mr. Balint Szigeti is the founder, CEO, the lead cinematographer of MyWayFilm Wedding film-, photo Studio.

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Your FAQ

We hope you will be very proud of your wedding film, wedding photos and will show them to your friends and relatives; however, first you need to find the perfect Expert for your needs.

The Google search engine shows millions of results for wedding films or wedding cinematography, even more for professional wedding photography, or wedding photographers, but how could you choose from such wide range of choice?
Most of the time they talk about exclusivity, uniqueness, and you can even find beautiful shots on the websites; however, will your wedding film, wedding photo look as beautiful as the advertised pictures?

I am here to help You spot the fake wedding photographer -s, wedding cinematographer -s, and wedding film director-s.

Hereby Let me suggest some questions that You should ask your choosen artist in order to find the best fitting Expert for your demands.

  • Could you show us a recorded video (promotional) of yourself shooting a wedding ceremony?
  • How do you imagine portraying our unique and personal life? How will our movie be different from others?
  • What exactly makes your work different from others? Why should we choose you? (It shows whether he or she attracts you with decreasing price or increasing quality. )
  • We do not want the (usual) wedding video! We rather have a cinematic wedding film! Could you please tell us the exact difference between a wedding video, wedding film and wedding cinematography? Why will Our Wedding film be better than a classical, old-fashioned (mostly boring) wedding video? (Never be satisfied with the answer of ‘better quality and better technical equipment!)


  • How long will Our wedding film be and what does it depend on? We wish to have the longest version possible.(Most of the time clients insist on the longer version of the wedding film but the lenght does not mean better quality. Sometimes the shorter version is better for You! Ask the wedding photographer or the wedding cinematographer , what length would be suitable for YOU!)
  • Do you have business partner such as a wedding photographer , wedding cinematographer or a wedding film director? (the most authentic person is someone who has supportive partners from similar professions with their own personal portfolios, such as photographers, videographers, cinematographers etc.)
  • Who will record our wedding and who will edit the material? Do you have lot of professionals on your team? (if the cameraman and the editor are a different person, how will the editor be able to capture the emotions from our wedding if he was not even present at the wedding?)
  • What kind of cameras do you work with? (commutable lens cameras are a must for high image quality!)
  • How many lenses do you carry at once? (4 is minimum)
  • What is your worst case scenario if your camera does not work during the ceremony in the church?
  • How much material can you record at a time? (it shows how much material he is working with. For the optimal result approximately 64 Gbyte recorded material is needed)
  • Do you have any plans for the future that we may be interested in? (it can show that how perspective is the person and his or her services. You want a professional who thinks about long-term plans. Also, it will show how seriously he or she takes personal relations.


A few questions may be enough to get the necessary impression. It depends upon the the answers you recieve and how comfortable youfeel with the professional. If you do not feel that the professional is suitable for You, look for another professional. Without the right suitability, You will not feel comfortable in front of the camera.

If you have any other questions or feel that something has been left out, please do not hesitate to ask me.